Pure Raw Honey In Frames

Honey Can Help Colds & Flu

Trying Raw Honey Natural Remedies can be good against Colds, Flu’s, Sore throats, Coughing

I take Pure Raw Cold Extracted Honey at night up to half a tea spoon to help settle the stomach and

it helps if you have a sore throat

Honey Health Benefits
Honey Health Benefits

Raw Honey Health Benefits


I had COVID 19 in January 2022 and being unvaccinated I had a Flaming sore throat

I took Raw Crystalized Yellow Box Honey a quarter of a Tea Spoon up to 7 times a day

and my sore throat was gone in two Days (I am not advocating it is a cure but that was my personal

experience that it helped me.) (People can make up their own choice about being Vaccinated)

People choose Local Honey because they say it Helps their Hay Fever, I am not sure if that is true

but Pure Raw Honey Helps Hay Fever

It is Good to let Your Body Build up a Natural Immunity

Manuka Honey Health Benefits



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