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Buying a Beehive

Beekeeping Buying a Bee Hive

Buying a Beehive needs to be from a Registered Beekeeper

Check out the Legal Requirements from the Victorian Department Agriculture

An Established Beehive can have up to 50,000 Bees in a Hive

Where as a new Beehive Colony may have 10,000 Bees and can take a year to Establish and Build up

the Bee Numbers and Produce Honey

Wear a Bee Suit and Appropriate Protective Wear

You can Inspect the Beehive for Excess of Beetles, Varroa Mite other pests or anything that looks unhealthy

If the Bees have Pollen Sacks under the wings it is one Good sign the Beehive is Functioning Normally

Double Beehives should have a Queen Excluder between the Brood Box at the Bottom where the

Queen is and Lays the eggs and the Super where the honey is stored in the top box

Without the Queen Excluder the Honey and eggs will be mixed together

and it's a Good idea to have a board in the Lid to stop Burr Comb gathering at the top of the Beehive

Beehives should be closed in the Dark so the Bees are not Outside gathering Pollen then you will lose 25% of your Bees

Pick up the Beehive in the early morning and have a Stand to put the Beehive on

An Entrance Reducer helps to stop Robber Bees and you can close the Beehive when Moving or selling

Put small Containers under the legs with a little Water or Oil to Stop Ants from entering the Beehives

Make sure the Beehive isn't Touching Grass or Trees so Ants won't use this as a Ladder

Choose a spot that is away from the Neighbors and not too Hot or Windy

You can place a Lid on top of the Beehive to stop the Rain

There are also Various Beetle traps if the Beehive has a lot of Beetles present

Bees are Good for the Environment



Leatherwood Tasmanian 250g

Tasmanian Leatherwood


Strong Unique Taste





Straight from

the Beehive



Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

120+ MGO

1 kg


Red Gum Honey

Red Gum Honey

Sweet Unique Taste

3 kg


Bulk Honey

Bulk Honey

15 kg


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