Beekeeping Season 2022/2023

Rainy Day

This Beekeeping Season 2022/2023 has Started off with Record Rain In November around Melbourne

and Victoria

Reducing the Honey Production By Half around the local areas surrounding Melbourne

Bees Gathering Pollen
Bees Collecting Pollen And Nectar

The flower Cycle seems to be happening Later in the year and the Bees haven’t been able to get out of the

Hives because of the constant rain

With Improved Weather Beekeepers are hoping for a better second half of the season, the sun has come

out during January and February

At South Gippsland Honey we had a Better Honey Harvest in March getting a lot of Honey in some

Beehives and a little honey in some Beehives and no Honey in some Beehives

Buying a Beehive

Honey is not Harvested in the Winter Months as the Bees need the Honey to live on and Survive in the

Colder Months when there are no Flowers around

Beekeeping Season 2022/2023

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