Avoiding Bee Stings and Bee Sting Treatments

Bee Gathering Pollen in Flight

When Opening a Beehive always use a Smoker and Wear a Proper Bee Suit

Smokers Mask the Sent the Bees Release and Help Calm the Bees

Bees always Protect there Hive and they don’t like Intruders

Bees are Generally Docile but

Bees can become Aggressive for around a week after the Honey is extracted

or there Hive has been moved or the Hive is Disturbed

Buying a Beehive


Beekeeping Buying a Bee Hive
Always Wear the Correct Protective Bee Suit

If Not Wearing a Bee Suit The Best Time to Approach the Bee Hive is at Night or on a wet Cold Day

Bees don’t Fly at Night but will Crawl and are Attracted to Light

Bees don’t like Flying in Wet Weather, this is the Best time to Approach a Beehive

Bees are Good for the Environment


Bee Sting Treatments

Here are some Helpful Treatments for Bee Stings


Avoiding Bee Stings and Bee Sting Treatments

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